The 9th Habit

I've got an idea for Stephen R Covey for another book. I'm sure he reads my blog so this will not go unnoticed. My book idea: THE NINTH HABIT. The title isn't exactly unique but the material would be. My proposed thesis statement would be something along the lines of : In order to be highly effective you must be mormon.
Yes, the 9th habit would be "be mormon"
Sure it wouldn't sell as much, and he might ruin his credibility among his peers, and he might not ever even find a publisher but at least he would have finally said it.
Sure it's not exactly true, and people probably wouldn't read it, and it would never get him a full head of hair, but I bet he's running out of ideas.
Give the man a break, all this thinking stuff is hard to come by. For example in 7 Habits he placed "put first things first" as his third habit. If he were smart he would have placed it first as it's name signifies.
But I must tell you the man has 9 kids. NINE KIDS!!! I'll tell you THAT is highly effective.